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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B


Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Part A & B

2-Part A&B combo pack
Contains two 1 or 4 LITER bottles

The combination of the pH Perfect Technology, simplified mixing rates, and level of chelation in the balanced nutrient ratios ensure that crops always have access to the highest level of nutrition and vitality boosters as possible and;


  • Promotes Consistently heavy yields
  • Pharmaceutical-grade precursors, reagents and chelators
  • Proteinate forms of micronutrients
  • Ensures all nutrients are available in a solubilized state
  • Ensures balanced plant nutrition across a wide range of pH and temperatures

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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A & B
2-Part A & Part B Sold Together

Give Your Plants Reliable Full-bloom Nutrition
Sensi Bloom is the 2-Part bloom base nutrient formula you can absolutely count on during your all important bloom phase. Use Sensi Bloom when you wants the best from your high value plants.

Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part A & B is a base nutrient and pH regulator all in one. Not only does pH Perfect Sensi Bloom help monitor your pH levels, keeping them in the safe zone, pH Perfect Sensi Grow contains all the necessary elements for a heavy, quality yield.

  • Contains both parts (A & B)
  • Keeps your plants in a safe pH
  • Promotes heavy, quality yields

Give Your Plants Reliable Full-Bloom Nutrition

pH-Perfect® Sensi Bloom is the two-part bloom base nutrients formula you can absolutely count on during your all-important bloom phase. Use pH-Perfect Sensi Bloom to give your valuable plants the solid foundation they need for rewarding floral development. Use pH-Perfect Sensi Bloom when you want the best from your high-value plants.

If you follow the label directions, pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom Part A & B will keep the pH of your nutrient solution stable within a range optimal for nutrient uptake for one week. For optimal results, we recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) water or water up to approximately 100 ppm (EC 160 µS/ cm). This product is specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media, including peat, rockwool, and expanded clay pellets, and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture. And since it also contains our proprietary pH Perfect® Technology, eliminating the need for pH and ppm metering, pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Part B is an invaluable asset to your grow room.

Growers using the pH Perfect Nutrient Line will not have to worry about pH in their nutrient solutions, because the new formulas are able to adjust the pH to optimal pH range automatically! Combining a perfect pH level with these cutting edge chelates has growers reporting back with a new standard in yield expectations.

As with all liquid fertilizers, we recommend shaking Sensi Bloom before use. For root-zone feeding, pour equal portions of Sensi Bloom Part A and Part B until the desired nutrient strength is attained.

You can use Sensi Bloom on its own or in combination with other products.

With pH perfect technology, you will completely eliminate checking your pH forever! As long as your water being used falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone's water) - this technology will adjust your pH for you, and keep it buffered throughout your plants growth phase!

Works with ALL hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feed growing systems… or your money back!

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