Two Guys Hydroponics

is an online store that was organically grown from our brick and mortar store Eugene Garden & Harvest Center in wonderful Eugene, Oregon.

Established in 2010 by two friends with true love and natural gifts for gardening, we set out to create a different kind of gardening store. Our vision was to create a store with a family of staff whose main focus is helping anyone who wants to grow, garden, and be successful at every level, both big and small.

With our focus on the customers and not on profit, we have also been able to offer the gardening community extremely competitive pricing, allowing us to not only truly help our customers grow, but save them money while lending a helping hand.

Bringing Our Vision

Beyond the local community

Now with Two Guys Hydroponics, we are able to reach beyond our local community and bring our vision of a small family-owned and operated business to gardeners and growers of any size, anywhere.. We are grateful and excited to begin offering our customer-focused services and unbeatable pricing to everyone.

No matter where you are, what scale you garden on, or what you grow, and Eugene Garden & Harvest Center are here to help and proudly serve.

Competitive Pricing

Customer-Focused Services

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